Is Your Albany Basement Waterproof? Here are 5 Signs That Show It Isn’t

Nobody wants to deal with a wet basement, but for many homeowners in the Albany area, basement moisture is a reality they can’t escape. Between seasonal wet conditions – Albany receives an average of 40 inches of rain and 60 inches of snow each year – and waterways, Albany is not exactly the driest place to live, and that means special precautions might need to be taken to ensure that cellars remain dry and habitable. If your basement floods, that’s an obvious sign that there’s a problem, but what if your moisture issue isn’t so apparent? There are five telltale signs that all point to basement moisture concerns.

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  • Have you noticed a layer of whitish or grey powder on your basement floors or walls? This is known as efflorescence, and is the result of water coming into contact with your basement floor and wall materials. The sheen is the result of salt deposits on these surfaces.
  • Mold and mildew love to grow in basements that have a moisture problem, and their musty odor is unmistakable. Mold spores travel through the air, making it much easier to detect their scent. Musty smells in the basement of your Albany home should not be ignored – call a basement professional at the first sign.
  • While we’re on the subject, the presence of mold indicates a wet basement almost always. Mold is a health hazard, so if you spot it in your Albany basement, you should take care of it right away. A professional will do more than remediate the mold – they’ll fix the problem that’s encouraging mold growth in the first place.
  • If your basement is too damp, you might notice that the walls are flaking. This process is also known as spalling and happens when water meets the brick walls. Walls that are experiencing spalling will likely start to crumble and eventually will be destroyed.
  • For the most part, water appears to be clear, but usually is filled with minerals that likely will leave a stain Look around the basement in your Albany home and see if there are any areas that have patches or streaks of discoloration, even slight ones. This indicates water is leaking into your basement from somewhere.

There is no one particular solution to getting your basement watertight, so if you’re experiencing any of the above issues in your Albany home, you should contact a basement waterproofing professional. At Basement Waterproofing, Inc., we look at all basement wetness issues case by case, because we know there are no two problems that are alike – and no two solutions. When you choose us to help you with your basement moisture concerns, we offer a broad range of services which includes:

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