Can Durawall Panels Save Your Basement?

durawall_panels_basementwaterproofingBasement wall that are leaking and cracked are worrisome. They can let water into your basement, and can cause structural issues with your home. Once your basement is wet, it becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of fungi, bacteria and insects. Even after you’ve solved the moisture problem, the cracked walls can cause discoloration and odors that are hard to mitigate. Worse yet, if left untreated, your home could be in for a lot of significant, costly repairs.

At Basement Waterproofing, Inc., we’ve made it our business to help our customers get rid of the dampness that’s wreaking havoc with their basement. But, what we can do for you goes beyond moisture mitigation and mold remediation. We can also provide you with full basement wall and foundation replacement and renovation. We can remove and replace the concrete floor, walls and footer in your basement. We can excavate your dirt floor to raise the ceiling height or to level off your basement floor. We’ll paint your interior walls with any masonry paint you’d like, and we can help you should you need a more durable, lasting solution.

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That’s where our Durawall panel system from Richtech Industries comes in. Durawall textured panels are designed as a permanent solution to water seepage by covering and sealing interior foundation walls. Durawall panels direct water flow into any drainage system, keeping the basement interior dry. Durawall panels are extremely durable and guaranteed not to fade, chip, peel, rot or splinter for the life of the structure. The textured surface will not support mold, mildew or other bacterial growth and cleans easily with mild soap and water solutions or spray cleaners.

BWI understands that Durawall panels are on the surface a more costly investment than masonry paint, but they’re built to last and to not need replacement under normal use. They offer you a non-permeable moisture and vapor barrier that’s permanently installed to the foundation. Moisture that comes into your foundation is directed into any subfloor or surface drainage system – and that means your basement interior stays dry.

When you need help with basement wall and foundation repair, let BWI talk to you about our renovation services, as well as our Durawall panel systems. For your convenience, we are fully staffed during normal working hours to answer your calls. Simply contact us as 800-439-4951, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and schedule an appointment to address your basement moisture concerns.

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