Dehumidifying Your Basement

A golden hygrometer, an instrument used in meteorological science to measure the humidity, or amount of water vapour in the air.Removing damp air from your basement is an important element in controlling the air quality throughout your entire home. When damp, heavy, humid air lays in your basement there really is no escape for it except back through your upstairs living area. While the humid air lays in your basement waiting for the trip back upstairs, it is brewing a cauldron of mold, bacteria and odors in your basement. In fact, your dark and humid basement is the perfect place for growing these molds and bacteria, second only to an abandoned coal mine. Add radon, and the abandoned mine and your basement have quite a bit in common.

Can you ever stop the humidity from entering your basement?

No, not really. Whatever the humidity level or percentage is outside, the same air will be entering your home. Being dense and heavy, it will begin to sink deep into your basement. Many people even try to open their windows, for ventilation and fresh air; however, this only brings in more humid air.

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How is humid basement air removed from your home?

Manually by the homeowner, either by convection or dehumidifying with the old fashioned dehumidifiers, is one way, but probably not the best way. This process returns the same dirty air unfiltered back into your basement, just absent of the humidity.

The other way humidity is removed is naturally through convection. As the airstream passes over and around your home, your interior air is sucked out through seams and gaps from your attic, windows and doors. If this upper level air is removed, then your replenishment air will come directly up from your basement, bringing with it mold and bacteria. It is said that up to 40 percent of the upstairs breathing air comes directly from your basement.

Basement Waterproofing recommends Humidex units to reduce basement humidity.

Humidex units force a convection off the base of your basement floor, removing the dense humid air up and out of your basement. The humidity is removed long before it can sit stagnant in the darkness brewing mold and bacteria. This air is removed from your basement so it cannot be convected naturally through your upstairs. This humid air is removed via convection so you do not have to empty the pails of water from your dehumidifier, or deal with the high energy usage often associated with dehumidification units.

The Humidex air unit quietly and efficiently removes excess humidity from your basement while balancing the environment in your home, all for pennies a day. If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to the air in your living environment, then these units are for you. The Humidex system will help reduce your basement humidity levels, leaving you with a more comfortable environment and better quality air.

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