Is There a Fix for Bowed Basement Walls?

There may be nothing more worrisome for a homeowner than a basement wall that’s bowing. Lateral forces, like soil loads pushing against the wall of your basement, can become too great for your basement walls to bear, and over time, this can cause your walls to bow. Besides being structurally unsound, bowed basement walls give way to cracks, and that can mean moisture seepage into your basement. Mold, mildew, bacteria and certain pests all thrive in that type of environment, so no doubt – you’ll likely have a mess on your hands.

Bowed, cracked walls in your basement are not only unattractive and detract from the value of your home, but also allow for basement wetness. As stated above, this can lead to the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria – and that causes both unpleasant odors and health concerns for you and your family. The worse these problems get, the more likely it is you’ll avoid using your basement. Unfortunately, putting it out of sight, out of mind will probably only cause the problem to get worse.

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Fortunately, there is a way to stabilize your basement walls and keep the moisture and structural damage at bay – Fortress Wall Stabilization Systems. Using the latest carbon-fiber technology, Fortress Stabilization Systems are a viable choice in fixing bowed basement walls in your home. Using carbon-fiber Kevlar sheet straps in combination specially designed epoxies, the Fortress System repairs and arrests your bowing basement walls with little to no obtrusiveness. The repaired wall can then be painted, allowing for an almost invisible repair and increasing the resale value of your home.

Basement Waterproofing, Inc. is proud to offer the Fortress Wall Stabilization System to our customers. This system will give your bowing block wall the strength of a poured wall. And, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your wall will be kept in place. This warranty is transferable, so even if you sell your home, your Fortress System is guaranteed. At BWI, we believe the Fortress System is the best available, is the least obtrusive and provides homeowners with little to no maintenance.

When you need help with bowing basement walls, let BWI talk to you about our Fortress Wall Stabilization Systems. For your convenience, we’re fully staffed during normal working hours to answer your calls – call us at (800) 439-4951, and we’ll be glad to help.

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