Controlling Humidity in Your Albany, NY Basement

humidity-controlAre you dealing with a cold, damp basement in your Albany, NY home that seems to suffer from excess moisture but has no obvious cracks or points of entry for wetness? Then you might be in need of dehumidification in order to keep your surroundings dry, comfortable and mold and mildew-free. Basement Waterproofing will fully assess your situation and make recommendations for the best course of action. One treatment we may recommend is dehumidification.

We offer the Wave Home Solutions™ Humidex air unit to help customers with the humidity control they need in their homes. The Humidex air unit quietly and efficiently removes excess humidity from your basement while balancing the environment in your home, all for pennies a day. If you or anyone in your family is sensitive to the air in your living environment, then these units are for you. The Humidex system will help reduce your basement humidity levels, leaving you with a more comfortable environment and better quality air in your Albany, NY home.

Choose BWI for basement humidity control in your Albany, NY home, and much more.

At Basement Waterproofing, Inc., we’ve been helping people keep their basement moisture under control for the last 30 years. We can help you with any concern you might have, because we’re experts in the field of basement waterproofing science. When you work with us, you’ll see that we provide many solutions in addition to humidity control. For your Albany, NY home, we’re pleased to offer:
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When you need humidity control solutions, let BWI talk to you about our Humidex air units. For your convenience, we’re fully staffed during normal working hours to answer your calls – call our Albany, NY office with any questions you may have at (518) 460-1525 or toll-free at (800) 439-4951, and we’ll be glad to help.