Getting the Creepy-Crawlies from Your Crawl Space? We Have the Solution.

basement moldHave you noticed that the crawl space under your home leaves a lot to be desired? Does water pool there? Does it have a dank, musty odor? If so, you likely have a moisture issue in your crawlspace – and that can cause problems for your home. According to the article, “Solve Crawlspace Moisture Problems” by Kevin O’Neill in Contracting Business magazine, excessive moisture in your crawl space is likely to lead to mold – and that spells bad news for your home. They indicate that dealing with crawl space moisture and mold is not just important – it’s imperative when it comes to the structural integrity of your home.

The article offers that visible mold on wood elements in your crawl space is a definite sign of a problem. The author says that white mold, while generally just a surface mold, is a good indication that moisture levels in your crawlspace are too high. Brown and black mold, though unfortunately present themselves when rot is occurring – if you see that, you need to take action right away.

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Other fungi thrive when a crawl space is too damp as well – and some can be extremely destructive. If you see something that resembles roots growing into the wood in your crawl space, you likely have a problem with a type of fungus known as Poria – this can cause destruction of your home in a matter of months. Not to mention, the rotting wood from too much humidity doesn’t just encourage mold and fungus growth – it also allows your space to become a breeding ground for other unsavory characters like insects and bacteria, turning it into a creepy-crawly space!

Any type of mold should prompt you to seek expert attention, as it is a definite indication that your crawl space is too damp. Fortunately, at Basement Waterproofing, Inc., we have the experience you need to understand the moisture problem in your crawl space. We offer solutions like crawl space encapsulation to improve your home comfort and keep your house safe from fungi, pests and wood rot. BWI will help you decide if crawl space encapsulation is the right choice for your home. Most of the time, changes can be made that will make crawl space encapsulation possible.

You’ll enjoy many benefits by choosing crawl space encapsulation for your home. The area will be far less humid, which inhibits the growth of harmful mold, mildew and bacteria. As a result, you’ll have better air quality in your home, improved energy efficiency, fewer concerns with pests such as insects and rodents, improved home comfort, and longer life for your flooring and other components housed in the crawl space area, such as home comfort equipment.

Additionally, we can help you with crawl space repair if needed. You should know that a damp, moldy crawl spaces play host to dust mites, mold, mildew and bacteria. This is the same air that’s being circulated all throughout your home. That can mean discomfort and health concerns for you and your family. When you call BWI to repair the crawl space in your home, we’ll provide more than a temporary fix – we have the products and solutions to repair your crawl space and keep your home free of contaminants for good.

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