How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

The answer can vary, so you’ll need to identify exactly where the moisture is coming from in order to come up with the best, most cost-effective basement waterproofing solution.

Basement Waterproofing, Inc. offers free, no-obligation home visits and consultations, so calling an expert will cost you nothing. If you still want to assess the situation yourself, here are a few things to look for, and what they might mean. If the work is more extensive, it might cost a bit more, but when you’re worrying about the cost of waterproofing your basement, it’s very important that you consider the long-term value of what you’re getting. We also offer financing options for waterproofing your basement for those who qualify.

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When left untreated, a wet basement can cost you thousands over time. The structural damage, health concerns, and material destruction that can come with a wet basement will cost you financially and physically. If you’re estimating how expensive it is to waterproof a wet basement, you’ll need to factor in the long-term damage that an untreated basement can cause. Our waterproofing experts can help you determine which option is right for you and help you with financing.

Are your walls leaking/seeping moisture?

Check your basement walls for cracks, seeping wet spots, or mold growth. You may have a foundational problem that is allowing water to slip through the cracks. You may also require basement wall repair. Sometimes, the ground outside of your house will have improper gradation, which means that the water is going to flow toward your home, rather than away from it. This affects how much water is coming into your home, and what systems may work to keep it out.

Is water dripping from basement pipes?

When water is dripping from pipes in your basement, it’s likely that it’s a quick, easy, inexpensive fix. If it’s not a leak that can be patched or repaired, it’s condensation from the pipe coming into contact with warm air. BWI recommends wrapping the pipes in insulation to protect against the temperature difference in the air. The condensation will not form, and your basement will have less moisture.

Your basement is wet, but you can’t find any leaks?

Humidity is the culprit. Do you do your laundry in the basement? Do you store linens or papers in an area that can collect moisture? Is your basement a warm environment? You may be interested in a humidification system that can regulate the moisture levels in your home. This option is an investment that will improve the air quality in your whole home, and be a cost-effective way to remove moisture from your basement. BWI can show you products that are incredibly energy-efficient and cost very little to operate.


Before you make any decisions, contact an expert at BWI for an accurate evaluation and estimate for waterproofing your basement. The cost of waterproofing a basement is different for every home, but at BWI, we know how to get you the best solution at the right price for your budget – and we can get you financed! Let us walk you through the options, and then let you decide which is right for you.

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