Mold 101 – What You Need to Know

Nowadays, there is a great deal of information circulating about mold, and the detrimental effects it can have on your and your family. As much as there is good information out there, however, there is also much misrepresentation, and depending on who you gather your information regarding mold from, it can make your home sound like a dangerous place and may cause you to become anxious about your living environment. We’d like to share with you some truths about mold that can help strike a balance and give you as a homeowner some direction.

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Mold exists in every home to some degree, and there are hundreds of varieties of mold in each and every home.  There are many that are just absolutely harmless and some that will have an affect on your overall health and, depending upon one’s sensitivity to certain types of mold, can actually be quite harmful.

In dealing with mold, especially on the commercial end, there are companies that will come in and test your home’s atmosphere for mold content, and you will discover the many varieties that exist in your living space. Seeing the list will send most concerned homeowners into a panic – and that can make them spend money on treatments or systems that are unnecessary.

On the other end, there are companies that can come in and kill every variety of mold that exists. However, this is not a permanent thing and unless you change the condition of your atmosphere, the mold is certain to return.

The reality of mold in the basement is that the homeowner is in the driver’s seat and must learn to take control of the atmosphere in the basement, considering that 40 percent of the air you breath can come directly from the basement.  Regulating humidity in a basement is huge, certainly through the humidity season of May through September. During those months, the dew points rise and the levels of humidity increase, and the growth of mold blooms just like leaves on a tree. The darkness of basements will add to the growth, as mold absolutely needs darkness to grow.

Regulation of humidity can be done with dehumidifiers; however, they are costly to run, often too small for the space being used, and many times have a short life span. The more you understand mold and its growth, the more you will appreciate why we recommend our Humidex units.

Once installed, these units will remove excess humidity via convection rather than refrigeration as in a standard dehumidifier. By using convection, you will also pull your upstairs air as replenishment air removed from the basement. This creates a reverse convection, which will keep your basement air from being sucked up to your upper living area. Discover this benefit of the Humidex and the many other benefits associated with our patented Humidex systems – simply contact Basement Waterproofing, Inc. and we will be glad to help.

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