Keep Your Albany, NY Home Pathogen-Free with Mold Removal

mold-removalAre you worried that your home might be under attack by mold? If your Albany, NY home has excess humidity issues, leaks, or if you’ve noticed a musty smell in certain areas, then it’s likely that you probably are experiencing mold growth of some kind. You should know, though, that mold exists in every home on some level. There are hundreds of varieties of mold in all homes, and many of them are completely harmless. It takes a qualified mold removal contractor to test for mold, evaluate the results, and make the proper recommendations based on the type of mold that’s found in your home.

BWI has been helping people with their mold removal needs for 30 years. We provide each of our clients with scientifically sound waterproofing solutions and service that goes far beyond the initial sale. As part of every job we do for our customers, we offer our anti-mold spray. This exclusive, patented anti-mold spray kills pathogens up to and including the H1N1 virus. We effectively kill the mold in your Albany, NY home, and we regulate it by not just putting a bandage on the problem, but taking the correct measures to keep it from coming back. We do this on every job we do, for every customer.

Count on BWI to help you with the mold removal you need for your Albany, NY home.

You can count on BWI to take all of your moisture and wetness concerns very seriously. We want you to feel comfortable in your Albany, NY home, and enjoy your living environment, and that can be difficult to do when you need mold removal. We understand the discomfort that can arise from the presence of mold, and just killing it doesn’t solve the problem. In order to keep mold from returning, you need to change the condition of your atmosphere. That’s why we offer a wide range of services in addition to mold removal, which include:service areas basement waterproofing

Nobody should have to live with mold issues in their home. If mold removal is needed in your Albany, NY home, let BWI talk to you about our SEC anti-mold spray. For your convenience, we’re fully staffed during normal working hours to answer your calls – call our Albany, NY office with any questions you may have at (518) 460-1525 or toll-free at (800) 439-4951, and we’ll be glad to help.

Don't let a wet basement impact your health.

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