leak-free walls

Thanks to our exterior
bentonite injection method,
we can help get your
basement walls leak-free.

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The BWI Difference

Why bother with the same tired process of waterproofing a wet basement, when Basement Waterproofing, Inc. is ahead of the game? We target the problem from the outside first and prevent water from reaching your basement walls with our bentonite injection method. When it starts to rain, know that water can’t even get past the waterproof barrier surrounding your basement foundation. And if for some reason it does, we stand by our service with a lifetime warranty.

Waterproofing Services

waterproofingDo you need effective foundation waterproofing for your home? Then count on Basement Waterproofing, Inc. We can help you get your basement free of moisture by using our proven waterproofing systems that don’t just put a bandage on your dampness problems, but solves them. Choose our exclusive exterior bentonite injection method to stop water from seeping through your basement walls.

Backup Pumps

basement-backuppumpDon’t worry about your sump pump failing in the case of a power outage again! Basement Waterproofing, Inc. proudly offers the SEC battery backup system, which allows you to use the same pump you count on every day. The circuitry of the SEC battery backup system is reliable, while providing the proper pump placement and gallon per hour requirements most homes need to have when power is lost.

Mold Removal

basement-moldremovalAfter BWI finishes any job, we want to make sure that any mold, mildew or bacteria growth is stopped dead in its tracks, too. That’s why we use a specially formulated anti-mold spray on the entire surface of your basement upon the completion of every job. We’ll spray your basement for pathogens with our patented commercial spray that kills everything up to and including the H1N1 virus.

Humidity Control

basement-backuppumpBasement Waterproofing, Inc. proudly offers the Wave Home Solutions™ Humidex air unit to help customers get the humidity control they need in their homes. The Humidex air unit quietly and efficiently removes excess humidity from your basement while balancing the environment in your home, all for pennies a day. This system is perfect for anyone sensitive to the air in their living environment.

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