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At Basement Waterproofing, Inc. we feel that our best reviews come from the clients we’ve served. We want our customers to feel free to talk to us about the experience they had when they worked with us. Read the testimonials below to see for yourself what our customers are saying about the services we offer!

basement waterproofing five star review

They were very knowledgeable and efficient. Their work was very clean. I highly recommend them.
Farah S.
Loudonville, New York

basement waterproofing five star review

5 Stars!
Kevin S.
Whitesboro, New York

basement waterproofing five star review

I would recommend this company. They stopped and help control a water issue in my basement. I live at the bottom of a hill and I get all my neighbors run off water. After there work was completed in my basement, my basement is dry and my sump pump operates correctly.
Vincent M.
Clarence, New York

basement waterproofing five star review

We were very pleased with personnel and service and have already recommended BWI to friends experiencing similar issues. Thank you!
Art B.
Oneida, New York

I loved that the warranty for Basement Waterproofing was not only transferable but also covered the walls and the entire basement floor. Considering what the competition was charging for their system, which did not provide a warranty for the wall and only covered the floor where their pipe was. You get what you pay for and in this case, paying more would have gotten our family less. It pays to understand the fine print in doing your homework. My basement is dry and I paid less than the competition and got warranty coverage far beyond what the other companies were offering. You can’t even compare apples for apples as there is not another company offering what Basement Waterproofing offers in their warranty.
Todd & Lynette
Saratoga, New York

I never considered how much my family’s health was affected by our wet basement. Soon after our basement was done, I noticed my son’s asthma attacks had diminished greatly. I experienced both the satisfaction of doing the right thing for my family and at the same time the guilt of waiting so long enduring the day to day suffering of my children. Had I realized this, I certainly would have dried my basement sooner and now consider the cost a bargain when contrasting the result. Basement Waterproofing Inc. is a great company with a great product and the service to back it up.
Pat & Steven
Carthage, New York

My neighbor, two houses down, went with another company. After several attempts to get it right, it still never was dry and my neighbor gave up on them and eventually sold their home. I go down in my basement during a rain and chuckle to myself thinking how bad my basement use to leak and now during the heaviest rains remains dry useable space.
Roger & Lillian
Binghamton, New York

A friend of mine, whose company will remain nameless, did my basement several years ago. After a few years it began to leak and I could not get them to return and fix the problem. Even after giving them several referrals, I could not get them back to correct my problem. When I had Basement Waterproofing, Inc. come into my home, I began to skeptically question them in order to seek assurance that I would not make the same mistakes. Every question was answered in great step-by-step detail. Upon completion, I realized that this company had done everything they said they were going to do. I watch my basement in the rain and am amazed how dry now is. I was sorrowed that I had to pay twice, however this home I am doing for my daughter and I just want it right for her and my grandchildren. I would sincerely recommend this company if drying your basement the first time is important to you.
Syracuse, New York

If you ever thought of trying excavation and exterior footing drains, well don’t. I did. I really did not know much about fixing a leaky basement and this person sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I spent over $9,000.00, I lost al my shrubs landscaping, my lawn was a mess and an overhang had to come down. When the fall rainy season came, so did the water right into my basement. When I tried to call them, all I could get was a cell phone voice mail and never a return call. I had a receipt but no warranty, explaining the lack of a return phone call. When I contacted Basement Waterproofing, a person answered the phone, no answering machine, no 1 for Spanish, no prompts. A real person took my information and the distance from their office was not an issue as she explained that they covered all of New York State. The representative was professional and sincere. Not being “pushy” he left me a contract and gave me some references and explained the written lifetime transferable guarantee. An A+ rating with the BBB and 26 years experience in doing just basements gave him a lot of confidence in what he was representing. He was not negative toward the other competitors that I explained I had coming in after him. In a short time, I gathered all the information and decided to go with Basement Waterproofing; one competitor was twice the contract price of Basement Waterproofing and would call every couple days to lower his price. I was certainly glad I did not go with them as he came down 46 percent off the initial quote. When I told Jack, he just kind of chuckled and said that they have a simple formula equal to all and the price is the price without all the games. My basement is finally dry and there is a resolution to a wet basement and that is Basement Waterproofing Inc. of Rome, New York. Don’t buy from another without at least considering what they have to say.
Kim & David
Walton, New York

I was glad to know a company serving central New York was right in our back yard. Basement Waterproofing provided great service with the best price and an even better warranty. We had some other estimates from Syracuse and one outrageous one from a company out of Pennsylvania. Our local company made the best sense, certainly for the local personal service given to us. If you shop and compare, you will conclude as we did.
Nelson T.
Rome, New York

My basement was so bad, with regular water leaking into an dated finished basement, it was left to rot, mold and mildew. I knew if I could smell my basement, then so could everyone else. Within a couple weeks after installation and heavy rains to come, my basement remained dry and the Humidex was worth its weight in gold cleaning up my basement air. It has been several years and still dry and now my basement has been refinished for keeps. Thanks again for a great product and service.
Dana B.
Syracuse, New York

I came to know Basement Waterproofing after moving into our home that carried a warranty from another local waterproofing company. When I contacted the other company for a problem I was having, they came out and told me I had voided my warranty because I changed their system by adding a 10′ PVC extension on my discharge line to get the water further from my home. I hired Basement Waterproofing to do the remaining 80 feet of an addition and not only is it dry, but BW Inc fixed the area voided by the other company at no charge to me. They assured me if I had problems in any area that I would be taken care of and to this date that is what I have been…. taken care of. Maybe the other company thought they were getting out of something. Basement Waterproofing will always have my referral.
Robert & Sandy D.
New Hartford, New York

My house is dated back to the 1830’s and the fieldstone foundation was leaking pretty bad. Basement Waterproofing installed their system for the walls and floor work along with the Humidex. Even after several years, my basement remains dry and the Humidex is great for controlling humidity in the summer months. I can store all my seasonal items and my wife’s holiday decorations. When you make my wife happy, then I am happy and she is really happy. Thanks for your personal service for our home.
Kenny F.
Saratoga, New York

We have a common home that had a seepage in the spring and fall. Our useable space seemed to shrink when we needed it most for the kids. Since the installation, we have made a play area for the kids and our Humidex works awesome for controlling basement humidity. We are very happy with the service provided by Basement Waterproofing. Thanks so much.
Sammy & Catherine L.
Interlaken, NY

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